When she told her mother that she wanted to raise sheep after having completed a master’s degree in psychology, Caroline Grandclément, daughter of an industrialist from Liège did not have the expected enthusiasm. And yet it had been her project from a very young age. When her teacher asked her at the age of 3: “What do you want to do later?” Caroline replied: “I want to buy a farm in Briod”

Admittedly, it was not in Briod that she settled at 44 as a producer of sheep cheese, but in Augisey, and more exactly in Grandfontaine. The road to get there was not easy. It even took courage and tenacity to carry out this project which was close to his heart.

The beginnings in a mobile home

After her studies, Caroline Grandclément went to Rodez (Aveyron) where she obtained a BPRE (Professional Certificate in charge of agricultural operations) then went to Drome as a shepherdess on a farm where she learned the basics of cheese making. After a difficult experience of three years in Belley in the Ain, she finally found the place that suits her in the Jura and settled down on 1er May 2008 with his 27 Lacaune ewes, a Roquefort breed renowned for its milk, in Grandfontaine, 2 km from Augisey.

Caroline lived her first years in a mobile home on her farm, which was in poor condition. But she held out and after an internship at the Enil (National School of Dairy Industry) in Poligny to complete her training, she opened her laboratory. Today she is at the head of a flock of 70 ewes which benefits from the 55 ha of the property.

Farmer’s life is not always easy, “I get up at 5 am every morning (including weekends) and I spend my morning making my cheeses in my workshop, and every evening. I spend about an hour and a half milking my sheep. But I do not regret anything I made my childhood dream come true, ”she said.

She had participated in the “naked” calendar of the producers of the Lons market

In the shop of a Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Caroline sells her production, cheeses, yogurts, tommes, at the farm, on the market of Lons-le-Saunier as well as in many specialized shops and, for four years she has supplied the cheese factory of Marc Jeannin to Champagnole, Meilleur Ouvrier de France creamer refiner, “It is really a great satisfaction and a great honor for me to find myself in the window of Marc Jeannin”, concludes Caroline Grandclément. And since she still had a little free time, Caroline opened a lodge that will delight those who like to stay on the farm.