SUV "Spartacus" Bugatti: an idea of ​​the concept? –

Bosnian designer Sajdin Osmančević had delivered a very impressive vision of "Spartacus", the hypothetical SUV Bugatti that could see the light of day in the near future. Here are other pictures, this time in three dimensions.

SUV quotSpartacusquot Bugatti an idea of ​​the concept - SUV "Spartacus" Bugatti: an idea of ​​the concept? -

These images were transmitted to us by one of our readers who spotted an interesting video on the Linkedin professional network. This is a short overview of the "Spartacus" concept, the unofficial Bugatti SUV designed by Sajdin Osmančević, a Bosnian designer working for the Volkswagen group, who created this concept in pictures during the summer.

In video, it is obviously even more impressive and the size of the machine seems to relay that of a BMW X7 or a Mercedes GLS to the rank of cart. Obviously, the follies that are allowed on a concept are rarely retranscribed on the serial version, but it could be a nice demonstration of what Bugatti would have in mind if the "Spartacus" (a name chosen by the designer , and not by Bugatti) was coming into production.

This is plausible considering that all the competition, Ferrari and Rolls-Royce included, is put there. The big question would obviously concern motorization: thermal, or electric …

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