The new supertest has arrived! Discover our last escapade on the track at the wheel of the Audi R8 RWD. What time does it set on the Bugatti circuit in Le Mans? Video response!

The sports propulsions motor atmospheric being on the verge of extinction, Sport Auto could not miss the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of them in the temple of Mans.

540 horsepower under the hood

The lucky winner of our last Supertest (to be found in the Sport Auto n ° 709 of February 2021, available in bookstores) is theAudi R8 RWD. The two-wheel drive variant of the R8 RWS, unveiled in 2020, is still driven by a V10 5.2L ISPs from 540 horsepower (torque 540 Nm). Enough to swallow the 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds for a maximum speed of 324 km / h.

The Bugatti as a playground

For the purposes of this Supertest, we used the steering wheel of Christophe Tinseau, pilot and instructor whose Le Mans experience spans 12 participations every 24 hours. The test (to be found here in video) takes place on the Bugatti circuit, whose 4.1 km and 11 turns are one of our favorite playgrounds (see our previous Supertests).

An R8 “too flexible”?

Our test pilot of the day was able to benefit from ideal conditions (dry track, 6 ° C in air) and tires MichelinSport Cup 2 in good condition, to make the ten cylinders of the Audi sing. An exit which will have however left him hungry, the sportswoman (its prices for France) showing a bit capricious.

“Dynamically, this RWD is too flexible“, Christophe Tinseau analyzes when he gets out of the car. “This generates instability at the start of the curve. The rear comes on the brakes too easily, and it’s often difficult to keep the right balance. “

Find the rest of the report, signed Sylvain Vétaux, in the Sport Auto n ° 709 (February 2021), in all good bookstores since January 29!

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