We all have different personalities and hidden truths in our personality that we may not have noticed or perceived. Understanding this, there are those who decide to go further and try to find that hidden data.

The Sun is the star that surrounds our solar system, so it is very important to know what perception we have about it. Such is its importance that even several tribes used to worship it.

The truth is that depending on the type of Sun you choose, it may reveal something to you that you may have been ignoring.


Option 1

Those who choose the first sun are tireless: they are firm in their decisions and are not easily defeated. In the face of any adversity they see the positive side of life and that makes them resistant to bad experiences and stone friends who are always present for them. Your extroversion has a limit: don’t go overboard to hurt people.

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Option 2

Personal space and respect for those around you are the two pillars of your daily life. Although you are not shy, you prefer to keep your distance from the rest and reserve your opinions. The gestures of love, come in whatever form, are more than valued by you. You stand out for your honesty, kindness and availability for when they need you. Beware of those who seek to abuse your qualities and take advantage of you. Your sixth sense will allow you to identify them.

Option 3

If you chose the third sun, it is because intelligence, curiosity and courage are three characteristics that prevail in your personality. You are a transparent person with respect for the truth, you have an open mind that allows you to have a clear judgment.

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Leadership comes naturally to you, and your circle admires this aspect since they depend on what you judge to be correct to finish defining their decisions or they value your opinion always based.

Option 4

Your effervescent energy and restlessness are the hallmark of your personality. Your creative spirit creates a hundred ideas per second and you are always ready to face whatever it takes to carry them out. Opportunities for new experiences excite you in the same way that your desire to live life to the fullest does. One piece of advice for you would be not to deviate from your goals, concentrate and you will succeed.

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Concentrate that you are going to succeed.

Option 5

Those who choose the fifth sun are characterized by their constant willingness to help others. This selfless solidarity and your passion to assist others with their problems highlights you as an inspiration in the lives of others. You are a smart person, but you don’t always share your thoughts with others.

Option 6

Joy is the feeling you radiate the most when you are in society. You love having fun with friends and family and try to enjoy every aspect of your days. From your eyes, obstacles are not so negative, as they represent opportunities to learn something new. Part of that attitude is one that coincides with being open to constructive criticism. You convey trust, respect and leadership.

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Option 7

Your inspiration comes from novelties, new goals, something that you like to wait and pursue. You feel that you do not have enough days to do everything you would like. This attitude is seen by others as the departure of someone energetic and persevering who does not recognize when to stop, however, they recognize you as an optimistic and positive person for their lives.

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