Nowadays, and in the age of social media, the idea of ​​having a life that looks perfect has become almost an obsession. On social media, most people only share things that are beautiful, awesome, and good for them. These people are always happy and full of love, without blemishes, and seem to be living the best of lives.

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The influence of the media occupies an important place in our lives, and even in today’s society. Indeed, digital platforms have become one of the main causes of “cyber bullying” and low self-esteem among young users.

Social comparison is a fundamental psychological mechanism, but with the advent of social networks, making it possible to see everything that others do, this phenomenon has become more pronounced. There are ways to escape the negative effects of the comparison. Experts gave us their tips:

Do not linger on your neighbor’s lawn: Let’s stop looking left and right, and set our own criteria for success.

Look down: To avoid the trap of comparisons, one must put oneself in parallel with those who are less successful than oneself. Compare yourself… to yourself. Focus on the things you are proud of.

Cultivate gratitude: Maintaining a grateful attitude towards the positive aspects in your life can help you see yourself in a better light.

Limit the time spent on the computer: the tablet, the phone from time to time. We are all beautiful, we must learn to love and accept ourselves!

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