Steps to overcome the past and be happy

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Steps to overcome the past and be happy | Pexels

Steps to overcome the past and be happy. The experts They say that the first thing you should do is identify the person, feeling or emotion that you have been thinking about letting go. It could be a habit, a thought, a dream that you no longer want to fight for, a person who hurts you or even a job.

Once you've identified what you want to let go, you must ask yourself the following questions, try to be as honest as possible, it is useless to deceive yourself, speaking with the truth is the only thing that does not lead to emotional freedom

Does it make you feel exhausted?

If you feel low energy after doing this activity, seeing that person or feeling that emotion, it is probably not healthy for you. You are allowing it to steal your energy and make you feel bound.

Does it make you feel depressed?

If your mood changes with the simple act of thinking about that activity or person,

It is another sign that what is happening is not good for you, if you feel down or melancholic, it is time to leave.

Does it make you feel uncomfortable constantly?

When you do that activity or live with a certain person, you feel angry, frustrated or wanting to be somewhere else. When you feel that this is no longer your place, move away. Forced things never end well.

Do you feel it limits your future?

Sometimes you do things simply because you have been doing them for years, because they are a custom, but you know that continuing on that site limits your personal or professional growth. If something or someone does not allow you to be free, change places. You must be where you can get the best version of you.

Would you like to be somewhere else?

If you dream of being in another place or with another person, give up what you are used to give way to what you really love and desire. You are here to be happy, not to please others.

With Information from: Psychology Today

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