Android 12 will allow players to start a game of a new game even before it is fully downloaded to the smartphone. This new feature is largely inspired by a feature that Xbox and PlayStation gamers have already enjoyed for several years.

google android 12 play as you download
On the left, the game finishes downloading before launching. On the right, the game can be launched before the download is complete.

If you are a player on PlayStation (4 or 5) or Xbox (One or Series), this scene will surely tell you something. You’re in the mood to play a new game. After a bit of window shopping at PlayStation Store or Xbox Store, you come across a discounted triple A game that catches your eye. Neither one nor two, you decide to buy it and download it to your console. But now, a triple A game, it weighs heavy. And even with optical fiber, it takes time to download everything.

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Fortunately, for several years, very large games have benefited from a new feature that allows you to start a game with after downloading a part of the full game. The idea is simple: you start by downloading the essential files (3D engine, system graphics, database, launch animations, etc.) and first level textures. Once done, you can start playing while the rest of the game continues to download in the background. It’s very useful.

Android 12 allows you to play a game while it is downloading

On a smartphone, this is not yet the case. First, because the majority of games do not require such a feature: they are much lighter than console games. Their download takes less time. Then because Google had not yet had the idea of ​​adapting this system to Android. This will be done with Android 12. The firm announces the establishment of a function called “Play As You Download”, an extension of Play Asset Delivery unveiled a year ago.

As its name suggests, it is a system that allows you to deliver certain resources of a game and to launch before the whole game is downloaded. Of course, this is only compatible with games that will support this function. It will therefore be necessary that developers include it from the design of their application.

This feature was presented at the Google for Games Developer Summit conference, which takes place this week. This event is an opportunity to discover the new functions of Android dedicated to the game. A new dashboard It was notably announced for those who like, among other things, to capture photos and videos of their games.