ST and Audi join forces in OLED lighting for cars –

STMicroelectronics announces a collaboration with Audi in order to imagine, design, industrialize, manufacture and deliver a new generation of automotive exterior lighting systems by Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs).

Both companies plan to integrate this digital OLED technology into future models of vehicles marketed by the automaker.

ST is a member of the PSCP program (Progressive SemiConductor Program) since 2012. The long-term strategic relationship between the two companies was to reduce CO2, safety and security, infotainment and comfort.

In the context of this new cooperation, these relationships are broadened and are based on the manufacturer's creativity in the field of automotive lighting solutions and on ST's expertise in automotive semiconductors, including controllers and circuits. control for lighting applications.

ST and Audi join forces in OLED lighting for cars - ST and Audi join forces in OLED lighting for cars - VIPress.netThe design of these next-generation lighting products should allow for more animated lighting patterns with custom patterns, by individually controlling and diagnosing several hundred OLED diodes. In addition to a high degree of flexibility to give Audi vehicles a unique aesthetic design, the animated models will provide customers with added value in terms of safety.

In a recent demonstration by Audi at ISAL 2019, ST provided a complete plug-and-play system designed to continuously monitor and adjust the brightness of the very large number of individually activated OLED pixels with a layer high-speed communication specially adapted by ST for the lighting architecture and embedded in the integrated circuit controlling the actuator.

" Given our rich track record of innovation and success in the high-end automotive market, it was important for Audi to collaborate with a semiconductor company that is able, through its expertise, to help us transforming our ideas into reliable and robust microelectronic solutions that meet our customers' requirements ", said Dr. Klaus Büttner, executive vice president, Electrics / Electronics CarIT, Audi.

" Over the years, ST has had the opportunity to put its expertise, customer commitment and the reliability of its production tool to the service of many products used in Audi's exceptional automobiles. We are aware of the level of quality and creativity that such collaboration implies. We are honored by the sustained trust that Audi gives us and by the value of our contribution to this new cooperation. Said Marco Monti, president, automotive and discrete products group, STMicroelectronics.

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