The personality tests they are a real rage on social media. Internet users discovered in them a brilliant option to combat boredom and also, to know very quickly aspects of their way of being that (perhaps) they did not know. Here we propose a new challenge that will surprise you with its amazing results.

Do you dare to discover what it reveals about you? All you have to do is observe the drawing and pay attention to what your eye catches at first sight. There are all answers. Don’t cheat and be amazed! It is important to note that this test is still a game to relax and that the results have no scientific validity.

f768x1 1035228 1035355 102 - Spiders or skull ?: the first thing you see says a lot about your personality

Spiders: you are a person who loves to premeditate absolutely everything. It fascinates you to find the deep and secret meaning to things. At times, you can be so immersed in what is happening in your head that it is difficult for you to get out of there and stop thinking for a while. You tend to be extremely insecure, yet you don’t teach others this side of you. You consider life to be like a puzzle and you have no problem playing until you have all the pieces located in their respective places.

f768x1 1035229 1035356 15 - Spiders or skull ?: the first thing you see says a lot about your personality

Skull: you stand out for being someone very kind and tolerant of everyone. By nature, you are very sociable and adapt easily to changes. You do not present resistance to the new and you always seek to find your place anywhere. You know very well that your actions have an impact on others and that is why you treat others the same as you like them to do to you. You are the best giving advice and people look to you for advisers when making decisions.