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Soon an electric Volvo XC20 The Auto Blog - Soon an electric Volvo XC20 - The Auto Blog

In six years, Volvo has renewed its entire range on the basis of new platforms and engines. The brand is also engaged in electrification. A new phase will soon begin, with an extension of the range. At the top with an XC100, and especially at the bottom with a small electric SUV which would be named XC20.

  • Three new models approaching at Volvo, XC40 Coupé, XC100 and XC20
  • XC20 based on Geely's new SEA platform

A few days ago, Geely presented the Lynk & co Zero concept. And especially its new platform SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture). A base dedicated to electric vehicles and capable, according to the manufacturer, of meeting the needs of all sizes of cars. The Lynk & co Zero is thus a fairly large crossover, and it is assumed that the Polestar Precept will be based on the same basis. So much for big cars.

But Volvo could also use it for a much more compact model. The next generations of the 40, 60 or 90 series will in fact still be based on the CMA and SPA platforms, suitable for electrification.

Volvo boss Hakan Samuelsson has confirmed that the brand will use this platform for a smaller model : "We will also use SEA, we will use it for a smaller car". He also recognizes that the CMA platform is not suitable for more compact models, and that the platform's cost structure, designed in China, is very favorable. He also half-confirmed that it will be an SUV / crossover. This gives substance to recent deposits by Volvo of the names XC10 and XC20.

XC40 Coupé and XC100

There is currently no advanced release date for this electric XC20. It will probably be more by 2023 or even 2024. Until then Volvo has plenty to deal with when it comes to new things. Starting next year with the launch of a cousin of the XC40, which for the time being is called XC40 Coupé. Then the renewal of families 60 and 90 will begin. the first XC90, which will have an electric version, and will also be available in a more luxurious XC100 variant. 100% electric too …

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After having renewed its entire range with some success, consolidated its foothold and its image in the premium niche, seriously initiated the shift towards electric, contributed to the launch of Polestar and Lynk & Co, Volvo is therefore tackling the extension of its range. Based on Geely's platform, will the XC20 be produced in China or in Europe?

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