While the Toyota GR Yaris has just been unveiled, some preparers have already tackled the Japanese bomb. On the program, versions of 300 horses to make it even crazier!

The bomb will become even more explosive! Already considered one of the best sporty city cars, the Toyota GR Yaris could well become even more powerful thanks to the work of the tuners. The small car that weighs only 1,280 kg develops 261 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque. Enough to transform it into a real machine of sensations. But as deliveries are about to begin, tuners have already started to think about a few solutions to make her meaner. The German company DTE Systems announced that it had pulled 300 horsepower from this Japanese bomblet.

The usual trick of DTE Systems is to modify the engine mapping so that the latter delivers all the power it is capable of. So we assume that some settings have been changed so that the small 3-cylinder turbocharged engine delivers more horsepower. DTE Systems also offers the possibility of managing the car via its PowerControl X mobile application which allows the driver to switch between three different modes.

Sensation machine

Efficiency, Dynamic and Sport modes allow you to vary the temperament of the car according to the driving style adopted. In other words, if you go to work or to the supermarket, you will be able to adjust the responsiveness of the gearbox and the noise level of your GR Yaris. Using the app also allows users to keep abreast of the latest software developed by the company so that they can upgrade your car as quickly as possible.

For fans of supercharged city cars, DTE Systems will also offer its “PedalBox” kit for the GR Yaris. Which allows you to refine the throttle settings according to individual preferences. Other tuning companies are on the heels of DTE, which means the competition is sure to be fierce. Especially since it seems that Litchfield, a British company, is also aiming for the 300 horsepower mark and developing a suspension system that lowers the car to bring it closer to the spirit of the WRC Yaris.