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New features for Samsung smartphones – Geeko

In front of a bed of developers, Samsung introduced OneUI 2, the new version of its overlay
Android, which introduces some major new features including a Dark Mode.

Easier sharing of multimedia content

Smarter, the overlay of the manufacturer will easily share multimedia content on several smartphones at once. Samsung has presented several scenarios, including an instant sharing of a video with several friends. In addition to images and videos, this instant sharing feature will also allow a Bluetooth playlist to be shared with the smartphone of the owner of a smart speaker. Exit the phase of pairing to launch a playlist and animate an evening with friends.

The other great novelty presented is of course the Dark Mode, so fashionable, which will be extended to the entire interface, including the home screen and compatible applications. Very popular lately, Dark Mode has become a staple on mobile. His many fans especially put forward the reading comfort it offers.

A slight facelift

For the rest, we will especially note small touches to the interface that give more readability to the screen, with more discreet pop-ups. A very small call notification will appear on the screen when the user is busy on a game or watching a movie.

In the same vein, the thumbnails of the logos on the home screen will now be animated. In practice, this will allow Samsung to inform the user of an application update for example – the cog in Settings stopping running as soon as the update is installed. Convenient to keep tabs on updates without having to open the window …

Samsung has not yet released a date for the deployment of OneUI2. Logically, this new version of the OS should be deployed on smartphones of the brand by the end of the year.

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