Samsung has regained the top spot in the global smartphone market after temporarily handing over the crown to Huawei. Entangled in the trade war between the United States and China, the Chinese giant is struggling.

The health crisis has been slowing the smartphone market for many months, which did not prevent Huawei from making an impact earlier in the year. The Chinese giant, still in conflict with the US government, had succeeded in dethroning its rival Samsung for the first time to become the world's leading seller of smartphones. A trompe l'oeil handover for Huawei, which benefited more from the sharp declines recorded by Samsung than actually progressed in the second quarter. The Shenzhen firm had managed to better limit the damage and Samsung had announced a rebound in sales in the second quarter.

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With the release of the Note 20 range and several mid-range models, the South Korean giant confirms its return to the fore. The cabinet Counterpoint Research announces that sales of Samsung smartphones have rebounded during the July-August period, allowing the brand to widen the gap with its competitors. According to the latest monthly report, Samsung has once again become the market leader with 22% of the market share in August (+ 2 points compared to April 2020). The Korean group took advantage of the lifting of containment in India to gain the upper hand over Huawei, adopting an aggressive strategy. The Chinese manufacturer, mired in its conflict with the US government, saw its market share drop from 21% in April to 16% in August. A significant decline which should continue if we are to believe Counterpoint Research.

Apple holds its own, Xiaomi continues to progress

Conversely, Apple managed to hold on until the launch of its iPhone 12 (12%). Apple sales of the brand will increase at the end of the year, but the effects should be visible later following the decision to release its new line in November. "The long lifecycle of the iPhone 11 and the success of the new iPhone SE will help Apple close the gap by then", specifies the report.

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Behind these three giants, Chinese brands are in the fight and Xiaomi is once again pulling out of the game with a significant increase in its market share. Xiaomi grew from 8% to 11% market share between April and August to establish itself as the fourth force in this market. For analyst Minsoo Kang of Counterpoint Research, Xiaomi's rise to power is taking place in Huawei's main markets such as Europe. This trend is likely to continue and other manufacturers like OPPO and Vivo can also hope to nibble market share on the Old Continent.

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