At the controls of the famous restaurant Roots in Paris, Simone Tondo take advantage of this lull period to unveil, every Sunday, a family recipe that takes our taste buds to Italy. To personalize according to the desires and the ingredients that one has at home.

The recipe for a rose-shaped gratin with broccoli and mortadella by Simone Tondo

“It was my friend Eleonora who made me want, during confinement, to revisit this recipe from Modena. You always learn things when you look at other people’s cooking. It is quite simple, especially if you buy the dough from a good “pastificio”. Following the same principle of cannelloni, you roll the inside of the dough with the ingredients, the béchamel and good Parmesan to let it gently brown to create a contrast between its surface and the creaminess of its heart. “

The recipe for pasta, broccoli and mortadella gratin from Simone Tondo

© Simone Tondo

-A homemade dough
(The more experienced can make it with 3 eggs and 300 gr of flour)
For the “roses”
-250g of mortadella
-150g grated Grana Padano Parmesan
-300g of broccoli sprouts
– cheese of your choice

Blanch the broccoli sprouts for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on your taste (always). Then add the fresh paste for 2 minutes in salted water like broccoli. Prepare the cheese, grated or cut into small pieces. Then start assembling the roses by first putting the dough, the mortadella, the cheese, the broccoli and finally the grated Parmesan. Then roll it all like a cigarette. Cut the roll with a knife so as to create the shapes of stuffed “roses”. Arrange them on a baking sheet and then add more Parmesan. Put in the oven at 180 degrees for a delicious result.

Simone Tondo’s Broccoli and Mortadella Gratin Recipe

© Simone Tondo