Hundreds of news about deception and infidelity go viral on social networks, however, few cause as much impact as that of Mary Turner Thomson, a woman from the UK who discovered that her husband had another family and five girlfriends.

As reported by the British newspaper Daily Mail, Will Jordan, who currently Mary qualifies as a psychopath – the term he gave the title of the book he wrote with his story – emotionally, economically and psychologically incapacitated the women he cheated on.

She found out that her husband had another family and 5 girlfriends

descubrio que su marido tenia otra familia y 5 novias - She found out that her husband had another family and 5 girlfriends

She found out that her husband had another family and 5 girlfriends

In his account for the aforementioned medium, Mary Turner Thomson he said that when he met Will jordan He had pretended to be a “kind, stable and loving” man and it was not until a few years after she had married him that she learned that the father of two of her daughters was a con man.

“The man I fell in love with turned out to be a monster who not only got women pregnant to scam them with money, but psychologically tortured and abused them throughout his life, leaving them mentally, emotionally and financially incapacitated just for his own amusement. “said the woman who tells her full story in a book titled The psycho.

Mary met Will jordan online in 2000 when they were both 35 years old and fell in love with him without knowing that he had cheated on women so much in UK like in U.S.

Turner thomson She realized the deception of the man who created a dependency for her when she received a call from her husband’s other wife. “A woman called and introduced herself as my husband’s other wife, revealing that she had five children with him. My world fell apart ”, he admitted Mary.

“He had been telling me outright lies. Not only did he already have at least six children when I met him in 2000, but both his wife and his wife’s nanny were pregnant with him at that time. “added the protagonist of the unthinkable story.