Announced at the end of February by Google, the shared view of Android Auto is now available on large screens in vehicles, allowing two applications to be displayed simultaneously side by side.

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Android Auto’s new shared view // Source: Reddit

A few days ago, we mentioned the arrival of new features on Android Auto, making the system more customizable and pleasant to use. One of the improvements was a new mode offering a shared view to the driver, allowing two applications to be displayed simultaneously. This has just appeared and is now available on vehicles with a widescreen display.

This mode was already available recently on CarPlay, the main competitor of Android Auto. Google’s solution is now catching up with Apple’s, although this is currently only reserved for a certain type of screen. On compatible devices, you will be able to display two applications side by side. The one on the left will occupy the majority of the screen, leaving a smaller space for the secondary application, displayed on the right.

A little customizable feature

This display is particularly useful for viewing navigation and accessing your music player while driving, without having to switch between applications. However, it seems that not all applications are compatible with this new feature yet.

Indeed, some users indicate that Waze is displayed in full screen, which would lead to believe that the app will have to be updated before supporting this option. Finally, it also doesn’t seem possible to turn off this display, forcing you to constantly display two apps on the screen.