A few days ago, the Shandong Provincial People’s Government issued the “Notice on Further Optimizing the Preferential Treatment Policy for the Elderly” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), proposing that from January 1, 2021, the 60-year-old (including 60-year-old) ) The above-mentioned senior citizens will enjoy six preferential policies including “free use of urban public transportation” in a convenient manner.

e454e89cef1021a9841223 - "Shandong Province Elderly Electronic Preferential Treatment Card" is coming!You can apply for it in the "Love Shandong" APP, see here for the operation guide-Weihai News Network

In order to fully implement the “Generation, Management and Application of Elderly Electronic Preferential Treatment Cards” proposed in the “Notice”, and to further broaden the channels for the elderly to present their certificates, our province has developed the country’s first provincial-level “Elderly Electronic Preferential Treatment Cards” application service. . “Ai Shandong” APP (Weihai Station) launches “Shandong Province Elderly Electronic Preferential Treatment Card” application and certification service. With it, the elderly can easily enjoy a large wave of preferential treatment policies such as free bus rides, priority medical treatment, and exemption from ticket purchases. !

     Tips on preferential treatment policies for the elderly in Shandong Province

1. All the elderly are included in the preferential treatment scope of free urban public transportation;

2. Half-price rides on sightseeing vehicles, cable cars and other transportation tools in state-owned scenic spots invested and constructed by the government;

3. Priority is given to medical treatment, laboratory tests, examinations, payment of fees, medicine collection, and hospitalization; medical institutions provide emergency “green channels” for elderly people outside the province who have sudden illnesses during their trip to Shandong;

4. Exempt from purchasing tickets for parks and scenic spots established or supported by the government; for parks and scenic spots established by social forces, tickets are free for people over 70 years old, and tickets are purchased at half price for people under 70 years old;

5. Free entry to public cultural centers, libraries, museums, science and technology museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, memorial halls and other places;

6. Free or half-price access to public sports and fitness venues established or supported by the government according to the time period for fitness. (Source: Shandong Provincial Big Data Bureau)



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