Seine-Saint-Denis, death of al-Baghdadi, PSA-Fiat Chrysler merger … The main news of this Thursday – Libération

Seine-Saint-Denis. Edouard Philippe and several senior ministers have formalized a battery of 23 measures for the Seine-Saint-Denis, a department that combines significant difficulties, emphasizing the attractiveness for public servants, security, justice and education . Read our decryption. To read also: The State draws a plan "not like the others"; Ads for Seine-Saint-Denis: "out of the ordinary" or "out of play"?

Al-Baghdadi. The Islamic State (IS) group confirmed Thursday the death of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed on Sunday in an American operation in northern Syria, and announced the appointment of a successor named Abu Ibrahim Al. -Hachimi Al-Qurachi. The US military also unveiled Wednesday first images and videos of his commando operation in Syria that resulted in the death of al-Baghdadi. To read also: Death of Al-Baghdadi: how was the new caliph of the IS designated?

Fusion. The supervisory boards of the PSA and Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles groups have agreed to an equal marriage between the two parties, which does not foresee any site closures. A project welcomed by the French and Italian states and unions on both sides of the Alps. Our article.

Impeachment. The impeachment procedure threatening Donald Trump was ramped up on Thursday after a crucial vote in Congress, which opens a new public step in the investigation into the Ukrainian case. "The greatest witch hunt in American history", denounced the Republican President on Twitter just after the vote. Our article.

Lebanon. Roadblocks disrupted Lebanon again on Thursday as protesters wanted to show a determination that was not undermined by the government's resignation at the start of an unprecedented third week of protests.

Literature. The season of literary prizes opens Thursday with the Grand Prize of the novel of the French Academy awarded to Laurent Binet for Civilizations (Grasset).

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Women. Each month, Libération takes stock of the stories that have made women's news, their health, their freedoms and their rights. Fifth episode: October 2019.

Networks. Why does Twitter ban "political ads"? The social network has announced that it will no longer accept "sponsored tweets" propagating political ideas. Read our decryption.

The sound of the day. The Parisian quartet Hoorsees accompanies the release of his EP Major League of Pain with a night wandering video in Paris illustrating the title TV & Bad Sports, to see exclusive on Release.

CheckNews. Why was Alexander Samuel, a biology doctor who investigated tear gas, taken into custody?

Pictures. Brazil: facing the oil spill, a wave of volunteers.

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In the summary of your Liberation Friday (already available here for subscribers), you will find our event on the SNCF two weeks after the TER accident, the leader Guillaume Pepy gives way to Jean-Pierre Farandou. Report on the migrants in Libya. Back in pictures on the oil spill in Brazil. A first part of the recasting of unemployment insurance which comes into effect this Friday. Education: five out of seven SVT books finally represent the clitoris completely. Ideas: Lebanon, birth of a nation. Culture: inaugurated in 1851, the necropolis of Genoa, a true open-air museum. And in der, the portrait of Luc Pinto Barreto : ex-maintenance technician in palaces has been converted into a street bookseller on the forecourt of the Saint-Denis station.


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