The Portuguese Grand Prix gave McLaren the opportunity to lead the race, after a sensational start by Carlos Sainz in a light rain. The Spaniard finally finished sixth in the race and allowed his team to register more points than Racing Point and Renault F1 Team.

"It gives us beautiful images" Andreas Seidl notes about Sainz's first laps in the lead. "We will be displaying them at the factory to give extra motivation so that we continue to move closer to the goal we all have, which is to get back to the front of F1 in the years to come."

"It gives a good taste, it was nice to see, to lead a few laps. But at the same time, we had to concentrate on our race, the one we were really in. We quickly got back to where we were. we're meant to be. "

“We know Carlos and Lando (Norris) like those kinds of conditions. Of course we had an advantage with the soft tires over the guys on the medium tires, the Mercedes and Charles (Leclerc). But compared to (Max) Verstappen, who was also on soft, Carlos did some great things, and he managed to create a nice gap. But we quickly came back to reality. "

Seidl sees the positive in the constructors' standings above all, as McLaren has taken points from its rivals and is now in second place: "It's obviously positive that we beat Racing Point and Renault in our battle for the constructors' championship, thanks to some excellent driving by Carlos which resulted in 6th place and eight very important points."

In contrast, Lando Norris saw his run ruined by a desperate maneuver from Lance Stroll, for which the Canadian was penalized, and Seidl admits his frustration: "It was a shame to lose Lando on lap 18, after Lance collided with him, destroying his chances of having a good result as well."

"I want to congratulate the team on the track and at the factory for having been able to regain competitiveness with our developments. Nobody really doubted it but some things had not gone in the right direction during the last races. confirmed that we have a car capable of continuing the battle for 3rd place in the constructors' championship. "

Seidl is now worried that Ferrari will return to the fight for third place, after Charles Leclerc qualified fourth and finished there in Portugal. The McLaren boss is waiting to see if Ferrari can maintain this momentum for the remaining five races, and therefore whether the Scuderia will be a threat.

“It was an impressive race from Charles, also in terms of pace. As we have always said, we have never underestimated Ferrari's ability to come back during the season. It will be interesting if they get to solve the problems seen in previous races, where they were strong in qualifying but fell back in the race with degrading tires. "

“It was also different asphalt here, special conditions and with their car they were able to put together an impressive pace on medium and hard tires, which nobody could follow, at least in our fight. It will be interesting to see. if it was a unique performance or if they solved their problems. "

To guard against this return, McLaren continues to introduce small steps and welcomes the results: “I was happy with the way the weekend went. We started off with a solid car setup, with a new nose and aero concept on Friday. We tested more evolutions on Friday, with the aim to introduce them from Imola, after seeing positive results. "

“And also, for the rest of the weekend, we had a competitive car, which was good, and that was another confirmation that we have a car capable of fighting for third place in the championship. But in the end. , it will be based on reliability, by optimizing the races and making sure to reach the finish line. This will decide who will finish third. "

The German congratulated Lewis Hamilton on breaking the record for the number of wins in Formula 1: “A word of congratulations also to our former driver, Lewis Hamilton, on his new record of 92 F1 wins. It’s really amazing.”