Seidl wants McLaren to fight for third place –

Andreas Seidl expects to see very strong Renault cars again at Monza, after a show of strength in the field at Spa-Francorchamps, but the McLaren manager is optimistic for his side in Italy.

"I think we were close to fighting with the Renaults" Seidl said. "We expect them to be very strong at Monza as well, as they were also last year."

"If we look at home the pace of the car was quite encouraging and we could take points from Racing Point and Ferraris. We're back in third place in the constructors' championship which is a good thing."

"Looking forward, it's good to see that we have a car that allows us to fight with all these teams around us. It will also depend on the characteristics of the track and the layout, but it's good to to be in this fight and to have a car and two drivers that we can fight this fight with. "

Seidl doesn't want to think that McLaren is the third force on the grid today, even though the team has made great strides and is in that position now. According to the German, everything remains to be played for this position.

“We don't have enough evidence yet to say if we are the third force. I still think Racing Point is the third force on the field. Then there is a very close battle in the standings between the Ferraris, us and Renault's, I would say. "

At the end of the day, it's about maximizing the weekends, making sure you do the perfect laps in Q3, making sure you have perfect execution on Race Sunday and perfect reliability. I think in the end that's what will decide the championship. "

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