Seidl likes the aggressive side of the two McLaren drivers –

Andreas Seidl returned to the first season of his two pilots for the McLaren team. He is happy to see how mature Carlos Sainz is in the race, and how well both develop good aggressiveness.

"It’s good to see what a sense of the race is for Carlos. And that goes for both, I like how aggressive they are all the time" ensures Seidl. "They are good guys outside the car, which is good for the team. It helps us to have a good team spirit and to move forward."

"But I also like how aggressive they are when it comes to starts, the first laps, but also when they have to go after a result with overtaking maneuvers."

Seidl is convinced, the Spaniard represents the long-term future of the Woking team: "What Carlos has done in the last few races confirms that he is the right guy for us in the future."

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