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For some of you, Grignan will spontaneously make you think of the Château de Grignan. For others, it will be on the horizon of lavender fields. It’s true, these are two reasons why the Pays de Grignan deserves to be discovered. But there is so much more to see, experience, taste … hence our desire to tell you more about it. On the way to our travel guide to Grignan and its region.

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Visit Grignan, the alternative to Luberon and Provence

Yes, we too are sensitive to the charm of the villages of the Luberon Massif and the very special atmosphere of Provence. But we also want change, new landscapes and less popular places. We are also keen to support restaurateurs, guest houses, small businesses and producers in less touristy regions., just as affected by the shortfall of the past year. We therefore encourage you to do the same by telling you about the Pays de Grignan. Neither completely Mediterranean nor completely Alpine, Grignan oscillates between the two influences and atmospheres. The Mistral blows (and takes our hair away) as in Provence, but the relief of the Baronnies Provençales massif reminds us that the Alps are not far away. It is moreover this climate and these landscapes which, among other things, seduce us every time in the region.

Locate Grignan and its region

Let’s start by locating Grignan on a map of France. Nestled in the Drôme Provençale, the Pays de Grignan extends south from Montélimar to Mont Ventoux (northern Vaucluse), runs along the left bank of the Rhône and is bordered to the east by the Hautes Alpes department. We call Country of Grignan the region that encompasses the villages of Grignan, Roussas, Richeranches, Valréas and Chamaret among others. We often pass along the Pays de Grignan crossing France by TGV (Marseille-Lyon-Paris) or by car on the A7 which runs along the Rhône. Our goal is therefore simple: you make you want to stop the next time you make this trip! Here is our travel guide and essential addresses of Grignan and its region. To plan a weekend, an extended family vacation or a simple lunch break on your way.

Go to Grignan

If you are coming from the north by car, you will have to exit the A7 after Montélimar at exit 18 towards Nyons / Valréas / Pierrelatte / Viviers. If you are arriving from the south, you can exit at exit 19 at Bollene, to then cut to Grignan on the departmental roads. As soon as you get out of the motorway, the landscapes change: over there old stone houses and over here sun-drenched vines. The Pays de Grignan also lends itself well to exploring by car in order to be able to take the pulse of all the villages.

By train, the closest stations are those of Montelimar or Valence TGV. The good news is that the Valence TGV station is only 1 hour by train from Lyon or Marseille and 2 hours from Paris. You can then rent a car on site, or go to Grignan by bus. The two-wheel option is also very popular in the region: there are many routes and trails for those who love cycling trips. For the bravest and the most trained, know that the famous Mont Ventoux is not very far …

Find a hotel in Grignan

What we like is that the region is preserved : no standardized hotel groups and breakfasts without flavor. The region is full of authentic accommodation, for all budgets. We particularly like Le Mas de Fanny in Chantermerle-les-Grignan for its value for money and its ideal location for exploring the region (from € 70 per night for two people in low season). In the same price range, we also think of the guest room Olea de Romane in Rousset-les-Vignes (from € 83 per night for two people, breakfasts included).

At the entrance to the village, it is at the Chapouton Farm in Grignan where we would also like to put a suitcase (from € 129 per night for two people). We also go there especially to enjoy the delicacies of the restaurant, very popular for its menus around truffles in season. Further back, the charming hotel in Grignan, the Domaine du Bois des Dames is eyeing us. You can look forward to it very well in spring in the shade of the century-old acacia, as in winter in the large living room, a glass of red wine from the Chateau Bizard by hand. Count from 105 € per night for two people (breakfasts included) to sleep in this former lavender farm.

Eat well in Grignan

A travel guide to Grignan and its region may not be relevant without speaking beautiful tables and local products.


We start with black truffle (tuber melanosporum), flagship product of the region. The majority of French black truffles (80% of production) are harvested in the Pays de Grignan. Contrary to popular belief, the truffle does not reach maturity for the end of the year celebrations. It is in January that it reaches its optimal size. It is therefore in January and February that it best deploys its magical scent of undergrowth. Here is our guide to the places not to be missed for a trip to the land of truffles:

  • Richeranches market (8 kilometers from Grignan): to buy truffles directly from the truffle growers. Open every Saturday morning in season from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It begins on the Saturday following November 15, until mid-March. Our tip: truffles freeze very well – take the opportunity to refuel! This is where you get the best prices, especially between January and March when holiday demand slows down.
  • Ayme Truffle (4 kilometers from Grignan): to buy directly from a truffle grower. Out of black truffle season, you can also find white truffle. Less fragrant, but much more affordable, it will delight your spring aperitifs. Our favorite recipe: toast, quality olive oil, a thin slice of white truffle and a pinch of coarse salt. That’s it ! Open every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • The poem (in the village of Grignan): to taste the menu based on chef Hervé Dodane’s truffles. At the moment, the chef offers take-out meals. For our part, we always have in mind its consomme of root vegetables, scallops and truffle espuma made during the Encounters between books, truffles and wine in 2020.


We take the opportunity to discover the region’s winegrowers, some of whom belong to the appellation. Grignan-les-Adhémar. Little known among its neighbors in the Rhône, the wines of the Pays de Grignan nevertheless have many advantages. They benefit from more freshness than the southern Rhône valley, benefit from the drying effect of the Mistral and experience few scorching periods. Many young people settle in the region, work in organic viticulture and offer wines at very good value for money.. We therefore strongly encourage you to go and meet them. Here is the guide to our favorite areas around Grignan:

  • Domaine Bonetto-Fabrol (La Garde-Adhémar): young couple who work with artisanal and biodynamic methods. The rosé of your summer at a very low price.
  • Domaine de Grangeneuve (Roussas): special mention for red Temptation of the Marquise (8.5 €) worked organically.
  • Domaine du Serre des Vignes (Roche-Saint-Secret-Béconne): family estate with sublime vineyards on the hillsides. The estate is at the foot of the Lance mountain, the region’s highest point (1340 meters).

Discover the region of Grignan

We end our travel guide to Grignan and its region with our essential to visit. We talk to you about hiking, decoration and cultural places. Here are our favorite activities for your break in the Pays de Grignan:

  • Hiking on the Montagne de la Lance : a unique summit of Drôme Provençale with a panoramic view of the Ventoux and the Rhône Valley. Allow a good day of hiking (5 hours round trip).
  • Stroll around Faubourg 15 (Grignan): a selection of very tasteful decoration in the heart of the village of Grignan. It’s hard to leave empty-handed!
  • Visit the Abbey of Notre-Dame d’Aiguebelle (Roussas): nestled in a valley, nothing but the outside is worth a visit. Founded in 1137, monastic life continues today thanks to the 19 monks residing there.

We have given you all our secrets about Grignan and its region with this confidential travel guide : it’s up to you to orient your stopover according to your interests! You no longer have an excuse not to stop for a few days on your next trip on the Autobahn of the Sun.

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