Sauber will continue in F1 even if Alfa Romeo leaves –

The contract linking Alfa Romeo to Sauber, which gives the name of the Italian brand to the Swiss team, is expected to last two years. Some rumors ensure that it will not be extended, and that Sauber could take the opportunity to leave the F1.

Ossi Oikarinen, former engineer of the team that has become a presenter in Finland, does not believe it at all, and thinks that the end of this naming contract will not mark the end of the Sauber F1 adventure.

"It's hard to say if there's anything behind these rumors about the fact that the Fiat Chrysler Group would not be satisfied," Oikarinen said.

"But if Alfa Romeo leaves, I do not think the team will leave, they will continue as always."

He even thinks that the team could be better off with the implementation of the budget ceiling: "Maybe it's their hope for the future, if F1 has tighter budgets, it's good for Sauber, they've always had a small budget, but they've managed to develop cars with little money. resources."

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