Sauber to remain Alfa Romeo and to strengthen ties with Ferrari –

Since last year, the Sauber team has been renamed Alfa Romeo Racing thanks to a commercial partnership with the Italian brand, while the team's technical partnership is with Ferrari, which supplies the engine, gearbox and suspensions to the Swiss structure.

Frédéric Vasseur was the architect of the extension of the contract with Ferrari when he arrived in 2017, while the team was engaged with Honda for 2018, and he is now working to strengthen this collaboration, to be able to create a synergy as there are others in the peloton.

Despite the difficulties encountered by the Scuderia and the Italian engine's lack of performance, the Frenchman confirms that he has no intention of going to another engine manufacturer. He also reveals that the Alfa Romeo name is expected to remain in 2021.

"No, we are discussing with Ferrari to extend the collaboration and we are close to signing the agreement. And it is the same with Alfa Romeo" the Swiss team director revealed at a press conference.

“The relationship with Ferrari is what it is, and they supply parts, the engine, the gearbox and other parts. The collaboration on this is good but we don't share the same wind tunnel, for example, like some other teams do. "

He does not hide that to compete with the other B teams of the big manufacturers, like AlphaTauri or Racing Point, Alfa Romeo could opt for a similar model: "Clearly, it could be an advantage in the future to have a broader collaboration."

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