MSU2ZV62JBCM3EDQZRUNKVWU34 - Sara Uribe revealed why she had to attend psychological therapy
Sara Uribe. Photo: Instagram @sara_uribe.

The presenter, model and businesswoman Sara Uribe decided to open the question box in her Instagram stories to interact with her more than six million followers and answer the questions of the curious about aspects of her private life.

During the dynamic, one of his fans asked the paisa if he was still in psychological treatment. The doubt was generated because Uribe He shared a couple of weeks ago that he attended this type of therapy to improve his quality of life and his mental health.

The model responded to the message stating that she does continue in therapy. “We all need a psychologist to help us untangle ourselves. The psychologist should be part of the family basket (of course now with the VAT increase who knows) “, wrote. His comment was accompanied by a photo with his pet.

The questions and answers continued and apparently more followers decided to continue with the subject of mental health, because later on, someone curious asked him why he attended the psychologist. The response of the businesswoman at this point was much more serious and forceful, as she took advantage of the moment to write a heartfelt reflection.

Depression and mental illness are just that: very serious illnesses and you have to treat them, pay attention to them and seek help. Asking for help and seeking it does not make you weaker, on the contrary: it makes you a brave person who realizes what he needs. So if you feel like you can’t take it anymore, that you don’t have the strength and that your mind is taking over you, SEEK HELP ”, she wrote next to a photograph in which she appears lying down with an apparently sad face.

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Continuing with the theme of psychological therapy, and after showing the tattoo on the collarbone and the vitamins that he gives his son, some fan wrote him “I also started going to the psychologist and seeing your stories motivates me more.”

Sara Uribe responded with a photo of her sitting in a hanging chair saying; “If I could, you can too ”.

After this, the model continued answering questions and according to her one of the concerns that her subscribers had the most was about the deodorant she uses. “Yesterday I told you in my stories that the only deodorant that doesn’t suck me is one from Natura (it’s not advertising)”, Uribe wrote.

His message is accompanied by a photo in sportswear with his right arm behind his back displaying his armpit and the product photo. He also shared that he asks for it in five units because it is the only one that works. “I was surprised by the amount of” chuchentos “asking me for the data since yesterday,” he said.

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Since the incident that the player Fredy Guarín starred in on April 1, when he had to be arrested by the Medellín Police for being involved in a fight at the home of relatives, one of the people who has joined in messages of support for the athlete is his ex-partner and mother of his son Sara Uribe.

“I keep this image forever, because You are the father of my son and you will continue to be the ‘Guaro’ of the people. Strength, champion. You will be reborn as the phoenix. You were there to give me support and here we are. Forever panas ”, Sara wrote on April 13 in her Instagram stories, accompanied by a photo where the athlete is seen giving him a kiss on the forehead during the birth of Jacobo, the son of both.

After this, the presenter also uploaded a collage of photos of Guarín in which he is seen celebrating some goals he scored with the Colombian National Team accompanied by the hashtags (numerals) # YoApoyoAFredyGuarín and #ElGuaroDeLaGente. It should be noted that this particular content, Sara did not publish only in her stories, which are visible for 24 hours, but also permanently on her Instagram feed.

In recent statements, the presenter reaffirmed her position of support behind the wheel of Millonarios. Uribe assured that Guarín “is a charming man”, in addition to having his children at the center of his life, one of them she had with her and is called Jacobo.

The former protagonist of Nuestra Tele pointed out that the athlete “hit rock bottom” and added that he is facing a difficult moment that will surely change his whole life, but she does not doubt that he will move forward “like a phoenix from the ashes”.


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