Sanya builds 4 smart public parking lots to bring convenient parking experience to citizens and tourists-Sanya News Net

New Hainan Client, Nanhai Network, Nan Guo Metropolis Daily, May 15 (Reporter Sha Xiaofeng) On May 15, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of Sanya City that not long ago Sanya completed the renovation of 4 state-owned investment public parking lots. The first state-owned smart public parking lot in Sanya integrating "new energy charging, non-inductive payment, and navigation around the parking lot" will be built. This series of changes will bring a new and convenient parking experience to Sanya citizens.

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Citizens recharge new energy vehicles in smart public parking lots. Reporter Sha Xiaofeng

In order to form a convenient and efficient electric vehicle operation service guarantee system and promote the promotion and application of electric vehicles, Sanya has first built parking spaces in specific areas of Fengxinglong Park parking lot, Jinjiling Qiaotou Park parking lot, and Chunguang Road parking lot (under construction). The opening of new energy charging facilities effectively relieves the "endurance anxiety" of electric vehicles. It is reported that up to now, Sanya has transformed 4 public parking lots including Rongen Parking Lot, Chunguang Road Parking Lot, Fengxing Longqiaotou Park Parking Lot, Jinjiling Qiaotou Park Parking Lot, and connected 768 parking spaces to Sanya Smart Parking Manage cloud platforms.

Nowadays, the above four parking lots are all connected with intelligent license plate recognition machines. Owners can realize mobile phone terminal operations for both parking payment and monthly rental payment. With the vehicle type recognition and billing functions, unlicensed car scanning code entry, one The key call management center and other special incident emergency handling functions realize the unattended parking lot, and shorten the vehicle travel time to the greatest extent.

At the same time, configure a high-definition video vehicle detection terminal (parking probe) in the parking lot, which can quickly determine the occupancy of the parking space through the video stream combined with the characteristics of the vehicle, and monitor the real-time changes in the number of parking spaces in various areas of the yard in real time. Real-time display of the specific configuration and number of parking spaces to guide vehicles to park quickly. In view of the situation of people flowing in the parking lot and traffic flowing like water, the parking space guidance video detection probe also has the function of real-time monitoring. If there are accidents such as vehicle rubbing in the venue, you can call the video at any time, which effectively solves the problem of "no video on the car". , The problem of "no witnesses around".

In the next step, Sanya is committed to promoting the city's intelligent parking management. Through the intelligent collection of parking information and electronic tolling, it will achieve unified parking standards, unified technology, and a unified platform. P + R service level provides a better life experience and travel experience for citizens.

Tips: How to use smart parking service?

1. Installation: In the mobile phone application store, search for Tianyaxing and install it. After the installation is complete, open the Tianyaxing APP for the first time, enter the verification code as required to log in.

2. Recharge and enable non-sensing payment: Click "Smart Parking"-> Personal Center-> My License Plate-> Add new license plate, enter your license plate number-> Click "OK" in the APP home page When you feel paid, click "open". Return to the APP homepage, click on the "e-wallet" above-> recharge, and pay a certain pre-stored amount. In the future, you can use the non-sensing payment service when parking.

3. Find parking and navigation: Click "Smart Parking" on the homepage of the APP-> Click "Find a parking space" at the bottom of the page-> Click "Near parking spaces" (or "Parking spaces")-> Click the blue parking icon- > After confirming that it is correct, click "Navigate".

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