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At CES in Las Vegas next week, Samsung will showcase several technologies, one of which allows you to use a table or other flat surface like a virtual keyboard. Her name is SelfieType. And it easily adapts to any device with a webcam.

samsung selfietype - Samsung: what if the smartphone's selfie sensor turns your table into a keyboard? - Phonandroid

Samsung will attend CES in Las Vegas next week. If two smartphones are expected, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite, the Korean firm should take the opportunity to also reveal the nuggets from its two project incubation programs, C-Lab Inside and C-Lab Outside. Nine projects will be unveiled. All use innovative technologies, but do not necessarily concern mobile telephony. Some are aimed at the home automation market, while others are aimed at connected accessories.

Our two favorite projects are called SelfieType and Hyler. The first illustrates this article. This is a software feature that can theoretically fit all devices with a webcam. The principle is simple: you place the device in front of you and you tap on any flat surface as if you had a keyboard under your fingers. And, what you "type" appears on the screen. The system now works with Qwerty keyboards. But theoretically, it works with any type of keyboard.

For this to work, SelfieType therefore uses the webcam to capture in real time the position of the fingers and their movements. By knowing where your fingers are and which moves, the software, boosted by artificial intelligence, deduces the numbers and letters entered by the user. The beauty of the system is that it only requires a webcam and not an elaborate system like Apple's Face ID or Microsoft's Kinect. In addition, it works with all surfaces.

A function that would go well with the S-Pen

The second project that caught our eye is called Hyler. It is a solution that is hardware and software. Hyler is a smart highlighter. You highlight text printed on paper with Hyler as with traditional stabylo. And the system automatically scans the sentences to enter them in an application installed on the phone or tablet. You can also search on your smartphone from the text you have selected.

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The interest of this technology for Samsung is certainly ofenrich the services offered by the S-Pen in the medium term Galaxy Tab (see Galaxy Note). Of course, this will require adaptation to the tip of the accessory. But it will be the only one, since the current S-Pen is already equipped with everything you need: accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth, etc. Perhaps coming with the successor to the Galaxy Note 10?

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