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We were able to take a brief look at the new Samsung One UI 2.0 interface on a Galaxy S10 +. Here are some novelties that caught our attention.

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For a little while already, the update to Samsung One UI 2.0 is deployed in France on the Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e. We were finally able to install it on a model to FrAndroid's editorial team. The opportunity for us to take in hand this new interface proposed by the leader of the smartphone market.

Here are our first observations about the user experience which, remember, is essentially an improvement of the first version of One UI and not a radical change of the interface. Samsung has already introduced some of the novelties, but during this handling, other elements have jumped to our eyes while some elements put forward by the brand do not seem yet available in this beta.

Navigation by gestures

Obviously we can not miss the navigation by gestures that has been reviewed. Indeed, One UI 2.0 runs on Android 10 and, as required by this version of the OS, Samsung smartphones now offer a system inspired by Google Pixel.

So far, One UI gesture navigation did not really replace the button bar. Simply, instead of pressing Home, Multitasking, and Back, you only have to slide your thumb from the bottom of the screen up to the places that correspond to the classic keys. With One UI 2.0, this system called "Drag from the bottom" does not disappear.

However, the addition of the option "Sliding from the bottom side" is observed. Access to the home screen is thus done by sliding the finger upwards from any part of the lower border. To return to the previous screen, sweep from the left or right ends and finally to display all open applications, you must go up the thumb from the bottom to the center of the screen and hold down for a short while.

To find this new gesture navigation, go to View, then Navigation bar and press Motion in full screen. At this point, you will be able to click on the additional Options button which will give you access to the desired sliding style.

New parameter organization

The settings menu has been revised a little too. We can highlight the appearance of a Themes tab that refers to a catalog made available by Samsung in the Galaxy Store. Direct access to geolocation permissions for applications is added under the option Biometric Data and Security. Here we find the philosophy of Android 10 that wants to provide better control of privacy to users.

In the same vein, a Privacy section also comes up. In addition, the interfaces related to device maintenance, Bixby routines and digital wellness are getting a new look.

New interface for the camera

The camera interface is experiencing some changes that make it more sober. Note that on One UI 2.0, the selected shooting mode is simply surrounded by a thin white outline (left image) and is no longer highlighted.

Above all, the carousel of the said modes of shooting was entitled to a small cure of thinness. Less clutter, it now includes most of the options in a "More". To access the Pro, Panorama or Super Slow settings, this is where you have to go.

Also, One UI 2.0 brings the video in Wear mode on the Galaxy S10 range.

Dark mode on the wallpaper

The dark mode of One UI 2.0 promises to apply to even more applications. We have not been able to verify this yet. However, there is one interesting detail to note, the wallpaper of the smartphone is now affected by this aesthetic parameter.

Let me explain. When dark mode is enabled on One UI 2.0, desktop wallpaper will be dimmed so that it does not dazzle you and stay consistent with your preferences. Example below with two screenshots.

The one on the left shows the wallpaper without the dark mode enabled which is noticeably lighter than the one on the right after changing the theme. However, it is the same picture.

This transformation does not only apply to the wallpapers offered by Samsung, but also to the photos you take as you can see below.

New animation for notifications

Galaxy S10 light notifications allow you to display a colored frame around the screen to alert you of a notification. This parameter, accessible from the shortcuts panel, is entitled to more aesthetic choices with One UI 2.0.

There are probably many other changes we have not yet found. Feel free to send us your comments so that we can possibly add them to this article.

samsung galaxy s10 2019 frandroid - Samsung One UI 2.0: our takeover of the new interface - FrAndroid
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