Samsung may release new foldable smartphone sooner than expected – lemon squeezer

In February 2020, Samsung is expected to present its new foldable smartphone along with the Galaxy S11 and its variants.

However, according to new rumors, the successor to the Galaxy Fold should be available on the market immediately after this presentation.

For the moment, Samsung has not yet mentioned this successor to the Galaxy Fold. However, many rumors about it are already circulating on the web.

And most recently, the Korean news agency Yonhap News published an article suggesting that the Galaxy Fold 2 will be released before the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 +.

According to this media, Samsung is talking to Korean operators to organize this launch.

A foldable flip smartphone?

According to the latest rumors, the new foldable smartphone from Samsung is not a smartphone / tablet hybrid like the Galaxy Fold, but rather a flip-up smartphone with a foldable screen inside.

The Galaxy Fold 2 would therefore be a competitor to the Razr recently launched by Motorola. This one, precisely, is a victim of its success. Motorola was forced to delay the launch due to excess demand.

By bringing the Fold 2 to market as soon as possible, Samsung would be able to better compete with the Motorola Razr, which was formalized this year.

But of course, for the moment, this information is still to be taken with the tweezers of use since it comes from an unofficial source.

Otherwise, rumors have it that the Korean automaker may be using new material for the Galaxy Fold 2 display, which would make the screen more durable than that of the Galaxy Fold.

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