Samsung is already testing the update

A Galaxy S20 + running Android 11 was spotted on a benchmark made by the HTML5 site. This discovery indicates once again that the new OS should make its arrival very soon on the range of Galaxy S20 from Samsung.

samsung s20 test android - Samsung is already testing the update
Credit: Samsung

Samsung has not yet released official information on when Android 11 will be deployed on its latest smartphones. The manufacturer only assured that the Galaxy S20 would receive One UI 3.0 (Android 11) in priority. By the way, it could well be that the Galaxy S10 will also receive the update.

Indeed, in February 2020 a Galaxy S10 + running One UI 3.0 had been spotted on Geekbench. However, on this Friday, August 28, 2020, we have confirmation that Samsung is testing its overlay on the Galaxy S20. A Galaxy S20 + running One IU 3.0 was discovered on the HTML5 site, as reported by our colleagues from the SamMobile site.

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Samsung Internet 13.0 also on the bench

In addition, this benchmark reveals that version 13.0 of Samsung Internet is also being tested on this Galaxy S20 +. As a reminder, this new iteration of the third-party browser with 500 million users must accompany the launch of One UI 3.0. Users just received version this week.

We do not have any information at this time about the various new features that Samsung Internet 13.0 will include. However, we see that this Galaxy S20 + in this configuration comes out with a score of 469 points out of 555 according to the HTML5 benchmark rating.

As a reminder, Galaxy S20 users recently received the One UI 2.5 update. This new version of the overlay based on Android 10 brings few new features, apart from the possibility of taking advantage of Android 10 gesture navigation on the alternative launchers. Convenient for those who are allergic to the overcoat of the South Korean manufacturer.

As for Android 11, the final version update will be available from September, starting with the Google Pixels. Each manufacturer will then deploy its update schedule. As usual, many users will have to wait several months to receive it.

Source: SamMobile

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