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At the Samsung Developer Conference, the South Korean manufacturer succinctly presented its next foldable smartphone concept. A terminal that would approach a flip phone with a flexible screen.

In 2018, Samsung took advantage of its Developer Conference to unveil in part its Galaxy Fold, the brand's first collapsible smartphone. This year, the Asian manufacturer has delivered that. In a short video, Samsung presents a different concept than Fold. This time, the fold of the screen is horizontal. This future terminal seems to rely on a rather classic smartphone base that can be folded in two, in the manner of a good old flip phone. A concept that is not unlike that of the probable Motorola Razr expected for the end of the year.

While the Galaxy Fold could offer both a small and a very large screen, this new terminal is part of a different approach. The promise here would be rather to make a size acceptable to the current smartphones, whose screens do not cease to grow. For now, Samsung has not given much more details about its next foldable flagship. It could however be the W20 5G, whose name appeared recently on advertising posters. The W range at the South Korean manufacturer is top-of-the-line flip phones, sold only in specific markets.

Developer Conference requires, this demonstration was especially the opportunity for Samsung to highlight the next advances for its mobile OS. OneUI, based on Android, will just improve to better take into account the specificities of folding screens. The difficulty for developers will be to take into account the different formats that will emerge. An app will not have the same constraints on a screen that folds vertically as on another whose fold is horizontal. One of the criticisms that could be made to the Galaxy Fold was that its interface was neither more nor less than that of a conventional smartphone, without big upheaval.

We were hoping that 2019 would be the year that would see foldable smartphones blossom, but it looks like we'll have to wait until next year. A few months ago, Samsung assured us that several foldable terminals would quickly replace the Galaxy Fold.

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