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The Samsung Galaxy S11 would become the Samsung Galaxy S20 …. or rather the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Explanations.

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A recent rumor suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S11 would not be called that, but rather Samsung Galaxy S20, thus mirroring its year of release. But more than this change, the new generation of flagships Korean should also be accompanied by a new positioning of its smartphones within the range.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra

In 2019, the Galaxy S range was entitled to three representatives: the Galaxy S10, “basic” model, the Galaxy S10 +, for those who wish to enjoy a large screen, and the Galaxy S10e, which goes straight to the essential. However, this reading devalues ​​a model, which is not necessarily an excellent marketing idea, especially when it finds itself competing against Galaxy A80 or A90 which are for their part the high-end of the A series.

For the next year, the rumor launched by the founder of the hull brand Schnail suggests that this would change.

The new nomenclature is based, according to this rumor, not on the intermediate model, but on the smallest model to start the range. So this year we would have a Galaxy S20 as a “base” model with a 6.2 inch screen, a larger Galaxy S20 + with a 6.7 inch screen and an even larger Galaxy S20 with a screen of 6 , 9 inches. The essential therefore becomes the norm and this prevents Samsung from naming one of its devices as a sub-version of another.

In the footsteps of Apple

We already saw this idea in 2019 at Apple. The iPhone XR, more affordable than the iPhone XS in 2018, was replaced in 2019 by the iPhone 11, which thus became the basis of the range of the apple brand. The more advanced models have been given the mention "Pro" to indicate that they are better.

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From a marketing point of view, it's ingenious and relevant, but it may also create some confusion with some fans of the brand who expect to have the standard bearer of the manufacturer by buying a Galaxy S20.

Anyway, this remains information to be taken in the conditional for the moment, especially since there is still about two months left for Samsung to choose a final name, before a presentation which should take place around MWC 2020, in February.

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