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The YouTube channel PhoneBuff has measured the differences in autonomy between two Samsung Galaxy S10s, with a display in 1440p and 1080p. The autonomy is identical on the two smartphones.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 +

If the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + have panels with 1440 pixels wide by 3040 high, it is however possible to modify this definition to find a Full HD + display of 1080 × 2280 pixels. A practice that could notably reduce battery consumption, the smartphone needing to calculate fewer pixels on the display.

However, according to the measures carried out by the YouTube channel PhoneBuff, it would ultimately be nothing. In a video posted online on Sunday, the channel conducted an experiment aimed at performing exactly the same tasks on two Galaxy S10 +, one configured in 1440p and the other in 1080p. As the video progressed, the two smartphones lost the same percentage of battery at the same time. For example, messaging has lowered the two models to 84%, browsing to 42% and viewing YouTube video to 20%. Only the game allows a slight difference, with the 1440p model which fell to 60% of battery, when the smartphone configured in 1080p still had 61% of battery. A difference which nevertheless turns out to be marginal.

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The YouTube channel has redone the experience with a classic Galaxy S10 to achieve the same results, again with similar autonomy results, whatever the definition displayed.

It must be said that when the Galaxy S10 screen is set to 1080p, all the pixels on its screen remain active. The smartphone only comes to make downscaling to display an image less clear than that expected in 1440p. It may therefore be that the smartphone first calculates the image in 1440p and then calculates a less defined version, which could thus take just as much computing resources – and therefore battery – as a direct display in 1440p.

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