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Five minutes. That's the time it took for Samsung to sell all the units of its collapsible smartphone in the Middle Kingdom.

The Galaxy Fold has been available for a few weeks in Europe and South Korea. It has just been launched in China, where it is already out of stock.

20,000 Galaxy Fold sold

Samsung started selling its folding smartphone Galaxy Fold in China this Friday, November 8, 2019. It took only five minutes for the first batch finds takers, so it had to be very fast to be able to hope to acquire, despite a price of 2 080 euros, a little more expensive than in Europe.

In all, 20,000 copies of the Fold went on sale in China directly in the Samsung store as well as at local Tmall and Jingdong dealers. We are not talking about only a few hundred units, even if the volume of the Chinese market is helping to quickly dispose of many devices.

Samsung is already planning to replenish stocks and will boost sales as early as Nov. 11. We do not know yet how many smartphones will be available on this date, but we can count on the fact that they will leave very quickly once again.

The Galaxy Fold 2 will take over

Good news for the South Korean manufacturer while doubts about this technology and multiple reports (the Galaxy Fold was originally expected to come out in April 2019) could have demotivated consumers. We are not yet sure of the considerable amounts of foldable screen smartphones sold, but that's encouraging for Samsung.

And other models arrive. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be launched in April 2020. It is not known yet whether it is a simple improvement of the original Fold or a different concept. After the publication of a patent, a horizontal hinge and no longer vertical had been mentioned, to fold the mobile in the opposite direction.

It is, moreover, what will propose the Motorola Razr, whose official presentation is scheduled for November 13. The Huawei Mate X, a direct competitor of the Galaxy Fold, will be marketed in China on November 15. We do not know its potential release date in Europe for the moment.

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