Samsung Galaxy A50 and A40: Android 10 and One UI 2.0 may arrive sooner than expected

Samsung has already started working on the Android 10 and One UI 2.0 update on the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A40, which gives reason to hope for a deployment sooner than expected.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 and its partner, the Galaxy A40, both had a nice commercial success in 2019. It would therefore be quite normal for their manufacturer to give them special attention when it comes to deploying its update to Android 10 and l One UI 2.0 home interface that we have already taken care of.

However, if we refer to the calendar provided by the South Korean brand, the Galaxy A50 and A40 in Europe should respectively wait for May and April before receiving the latest version of the operating system. However, according to the specialized site SamMobile, Samsung has already started work on the development of Android 10 for these two models.

Less waiting

The media reminds in passing that there was only two months between this stage and the official deployment of Android 10 on the Galaxy M20 and M30 – entry-level models. By applying a similar delay to the smartphones that interest us today, we can possibly hope for a deployment that would start during the month of March for the Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A50

Note in passing that Samsung has made efforts compared to last year. The Galaxy Note 10 in France did not wait until 2020 to taste One UI 2.0. For comparison, it was not until the end of January 2019 that the first version of the interface did not land on the Galaxy Note 9.

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