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While the A50 or A40 have inflated sales of Samsung, that we expect up to 9 models for the A range of 2020: A51, A71, etc., a leak suggests that the manufacturer would have already filed the names of A12, A22, or even A92 for 2021.

The year has barely started, and Samsung has so far unveiled only two of the nine models in its A range for 2020: the Galaxy A51 and the Galaxy A71. He should also present two "light" smartphones at CES in Las Vegas, the S10 Lite and the Note 10 Lite. Finally, for February we expect three new flagships, as well as the second version of the Fold.

Leaks tell us that the chaebol has already filed the names of nine smartphones : Galaxy A12, Galaxy A22, Galaxy A32, Galaxy A42, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A62, Galaxy A72, Galaxy A82, and Galaxy A92, which should probably stand out on the market in early 2021.

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A12, A92, names that are not very original. © The tech guy

Quite clever who can say what this new generation of entry-level and mid-range smartphones will look like, even if we are entitled to hope for some new features. Historically, the A range is the antechamber of Samsung to try out original technologies (like the Galaxy A80 and its rotating photo module).

It is also interesting to observe that Samsung retains its "Xiaomi-style" strategy of occupying space. Also, with potentially around fifteen models launched in 2020, the Seoul firm does not seem ready to be outdone by its Chinese counterparts. A strategy that has paid off so far since Samsung has remained the biggest seller of smartphones in the world for a few years now. However, in terms of value, Apple, with far fewer phones, is on a par and even recovered 66% of market profits in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

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