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A few days before CES, Samsung and its Creative Lab unveil the innovations for 2020. The brand emphasizes well-being and relies on light therapy to convince new buyers.

Only a few days before CES kicks off and Samsung is already unveiling the innovations on the program for this year 2020. With its Creative Lab, the brand intends to transform our daily lives. The constructor emphasizes well-being and the Light therapy. With its SunnySide Samsung wants to allow users to enjoy all the benefits of natural light, even in dark interiors. The device, which is placed on the walls, like a frame will "help users synthesize vitamin D indoors or in places where there is not enough sun. " The brand specifies that this cure can be done without worrying about the problems associated with prolonged exposure to sunlight. The device will also simulate the spectrum of sunlight and provide beautiful lighting in rooms, reports Gizmodo.

samsung sunnyside - Samsung develops indoor solar light - geek diary
Samsung via Gizmodo

Samsung is also expected to unveil other wellness-related products, such as this ultra-violet sensor. The Ultra V will allow, when users are outside, to monitor the power of sun rays harmful to the skin. Using applications, it will be possible to observe its production of vitamin D and the benefits of the sun on the body.

Samsung will also unveil a tool capable of analyzing the scalp and preventing hair loss, a virtual keyboard projected from the smartphone camera as well as a small humanoid robot "piBo". As a reminder, Samsung should also take advantage of the CES in Vegas to unveil its QLED 8K. The television could be equipped with an 8k panel of at least 65 inches and be devoid of borders. Samsung’s conference will take place on January 7 at 3:30 a.m. in France.

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