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Samsung is shutting down a Mobile CPU search center that is the source of the custom hearts found in SoC Exynos. The firm explains that it can no longer compete internationally and therefore separates 290 employees. Eventually, Exynos SoCs could be replaced by Snapdragon, or use standard ARM courses like Kirin chips from Huawei smartphones.

samsung exynos - Samsung closes its mobile CPU division: SoC Exynos soon replaced by Snapdragon? - Phonandroid

Samsung announces the closure of a division that customized Exynos mobile SoC. Samsung Systems Large Scale Integration (LSI) employed 290 engineers in Austin, Texas, and San Jose, California. The latter should lose their jobs according to documents consulted by Android Authority on December 31, 2019. Samsung explains in a statement: "After reviewing our LSI System division and the need to remain competitive in the global marketplace, Samsung has decided to separate part of our teams from a transition in the original text. R & D of Austin and San Jose.

Samsung stops customizing the CPU hearts of Exynos SoCs

Since Samsung built its own SoCs, the company has been adapting ARM designs – and since 2016 and the Galaxy S7's Exynos 8890, the company has included its own customized CPU cores, dubbed Mongoose. These have often remained more efficient than their standard equivalents. But this is less true for several generations. For example, the S10 Exynos SoC offers better single-core performance than Snapdragon 855 equivalent. But the chip Qualcomm, which equips the US versions of Galaxy, is also more successful in just about every other area.

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The future is still rather uncertain: the end of custom hearts in Exynos SoC does not mean the end of Exynos SoCs at all. Samsung could now simply build its SoCs from standard ARM designs or from semi-custom builds. It could also quite generalize the use of Snapdragon SoC – but again, at this point, this is pure speculation. What do you think ? Share your opinion in the comments.

Source: Android Authority

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