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During its CES 2020 Keynote, Samsung could lift the veil on a new generation of televisions completely devoid of edges.

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In a week, the biggest new technology fair in the world will open in Las Vegas: Consumer Electronic Show. From January 7 to 10, the most tech-savvy will be able to discover the various innovations from manufacturers, and developments in innovations that we saw last year, such as the roll-up screen from LG, developments in 5G, or the rise of folding screens on smartphones. In 2020, at Samsung, in particular, innovation should once again be at the heart of the various presentations, since the manufacturer plans to unveil an invisible keyboard, but also … a totally borderless 8K TV with a screen of at least 65 inches. This is in any case what the Korean site suggests The Elec, which relays sources close to the manufacturer, and which indicates that Samsung should take advantage of CES to unveil this new kind of television. This rumor also seems to be in agreement with the deposit, three months ago, of the mark "Zero Bezel" by Samsung in Europe.

Samsung could follow the path of current smartphones, which are gradually getting rid of the slightest border, and to benefit its televisions. Except that on a television, the technological challenge is not the same. Where smartphones require a border (or a punch / notch / pop-up camera) to integrate the front camera, TVs must be equipped with a frame – as thin as it is – in order to protect the slab and keep it in place. However, it seems that Samsung has managed to find a way to accommodate its panel in a television completely without borders, as indicated by the sources of The Elec. These also indicate that the television should be launched on the market in February, one month after its presentation, which should probably take place during the manufacturer's Keynote at CES on January 6 at 6:30 p.m., or at 3:30 a.m. tomorrow in our countries.

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