Sainz to push Ferrari to take 'very big step forward' on engine for arrival –

When he saw the anemic performance of the Ferrari in qualifying at Spa (13th and 14th place), Carlos Sainz must have been worried: did he make the right choice by joining a Scuderia which seems to be in complete loss?

The McLaren driver does not hide the fact that his (future) team has its work cut out for it, and not just a little, to straighten the bar: he is already putting pressure on his future engineers. Carlos Sainz will want more horses next year!

“I'll be honest, of course I want to see Ferrari find more power. I'll be the first at the factory to push for more horsepower and push everyone as soon as I get there. "

“They have to take a really, really big step forward to get back to where we all are, but I think if any team can do it, it's Ferrari. "

“Ferrari has a lot of resources, a lot of test benches, so I'm sure they're all there at the factory, working extremely hard to recoup the power they've lost from year to year. It’s a long way. "

Most worrying is that Ferrari's problems are not all engine-related, far from it, since the Scuderia is struggling to get ahead of Alfa Romeo or Haas. Carlos Sainz is aware of this …

“Ferrari is the first one who is not happy at the moment, and we could clearly see today how much they struggled, but I think they struggled with a little more than the engine today, they also had issues with the car's overall grip. "

“But in general I would say, yeah, they need to take a really big step forward on the engine. I know how difficult it is because it took Renault a few years, it took Honda a long time too. "

“But the fact that Renault is almost there, close to Mercedes, shows that you can do it. I’m sure the factory is now operating at full capacity and I hope by the time I get there it’s improved a bit and together we can take the next step. "

“When you lose that much power from year to year, which is not a normal trend in F1 – normally you are expected to stay at the same level or gain in performance – but when you lose so much power, you know that in Spa you are going to have problems. "

“It's normal after what we saw in the first few races, how much they lose in the straights. "

Kevin Magnussen, in his Haas powered by the Italian block, also believes that the Ferrari problem is also linked, or even especially linked, to the chassis of the Reds, which suffers greatly in the second sector.

“It’s more Ferrari that fell back than us that progressed. "

“I've heard from Alfa Romeo and we've won nine tenths or something from last year. And Ferrari are down four tenths from last year. It means we've made some progress against them, so it's all positive. "

“But we're still close to the bottom row of the grid, which isn't what we want and what the car deserves. "

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