Carlos Sainz will thus have been able to perform, yesterday and this morning, his first test in a Ferrari – a 2018 SF71H, covering no less than 150 laps according to the Scuderia (a two-year-old single-seater with no mileage limit) .

In the process, the ex-pilot McLaren and Renault delivered his first official interview on behalf of the Scuderia.

By joining Ferrari, Carlos Sainz knows that he is joining a team which has just had its worst season since 1980 (6th place in the constructors’ standings). So why leave the 3rd, McLaren F1, to join the 6th? Does Sainz think Ferrari capable of bouncing hard and fast?

“Every team goes through difficult times at some point, it’s part of Formula 1. What really matters is the ability to bounce back. History shows that teams that have won in the past are able to be competitive again. “

“Ferrari is the most successful team in the history of our sport and there is a reason for that. If there is one team on the grid that can fight to get back to the top, it is Ferrari. I have full confidence in the project and although the process may take some time, I am sure the team will eventually find their way back to victory. What you can be sure of is that I will do my best to help make this happen as quickly as possible. “

With the Scuderia, what does Carlos Sainz dream about? A title in the short term? A victory this year? Regular podiums?

“From the first day I started racing, I had only two goals in mind: to become a Formula 1 Grand Prix driver and to win the World Championship. After reaching the first goal, all of my focus and effort is put into trying to reach the second goal and there is no better place than Ferrari to achieve it. ”

“The ambition is to help create a winning team, bring the Scuderia back to the top where it is and win the world championship. “

Carlos Sainz will have to make a place in the team, however, while Charles Leclerc has just dominated Sebastian Vettel during the last two seasons …

“As I said before, I look forward to this responsibility and in a positive way and I am sure that together with Charles we will bring motivation, passion and hunger to the team. “

The duo formed with the Reds will also be the second youngest in the long history of the Scuderia: isn’t that a trap or a risk?

“To be honest, I don’t think age is such a big factor in and of itself. On the contrary, experience in this sport is more valuable than age. Obviously the older you get the more experience you gain, but even that doesn’t guarantee that you will be faster. I am only 26 years old but I have already done six seasons in Formula 1 and I drove for three different teams before joining Ferrari. Charles is 23 years old, but he’s about to start his fourth season in Formula 1 and his third year with the team, so he knows the car and his path inside Maranello inside and out. What I mean is that although we have been the two youngest Scuderia drivers for many years, we are no longer beginners and we understand the importance and responsibility of driving for Ferrari. “