Sainz, McLaren don't expect rain in the race

While some will probably do the rain dance between now and the Belgian Grand Prix, the drivers will not Mclaren ! AT Spa-Francorchamps, Woking's single-seaters adopted settings with as little downforce as possible, betting on a dry track during the race. At the same time, some have made some compromises on this point in order to have a car better regulated in the event of a downpour, which would be the case with Red bull racing with Max Verstappen.

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Seventh on the starting grid, Carlos Sainz hopes that the famous capricious weather of the toboggan of the Ardennes will not be bad this Sunday, which would put the Spaniard in difficulty with his single-seater.

"We chose to ride with very little downforce so if it rains we could suffer a bit", warns the Spanish pilot. “Usually on Saturday if I see there's a chance of rain, I sing and try to bring it in because I like that, and for a mid-grid car it's always good that it rains opens up a little more opportunity than fifth, sixth or seventh place. I always look forward to it raining, but if there maybe a race where it doesn't really suit us, it 'is here in Spa because of the little fin we use. We could end up in trouble if it suddenly starts to rain. "

Outpaced by the two Mercedes, the two Red Bulls but also the two Renault in qualifying, Sainz believes he has achieved the best possible performance on Saturday afternoon.

"All the cars ahead of us are faster, both in the race and in qualifying", he believes. “The Renaults have been around three tenths ahead the whole weekend, they are very competitive like last year at Monza, so it's hard for us to beat them. I'm surprised to qualify ahead of Racing Point. I'm sure they'll be in a brawl [in the race], but at least we're there. We can play around with the strategy a bit. I think there's less degradation than we expected, but it must also be much fresher than last year. "

Get ahead of Racing Point, Lando norris however did not succeed. The British pilot admitted to being "disappointed" from his tenth place on the grid after lacking suction on his last attempt in Q3. "I didn't have any aspiration from anyone, I was all alone", he explains. "It's like that sometimes. I was behind the Renaults on the exit lap and they were going extremely slow. So I passed them, but then I didn't have any suction on the lap."

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