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As early as last May, when the 2020 Formula 1 season (delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic) had not yet started, Scuderia Ferrari made the decision to replace Sebastian Vettel with Carlos Sainz next year. The Spaniard, who has never raced for a top team, continued his ascent to the forefront, having played for Toro Rosso, Renault and McLaren after seeing the 2019 Red Bull seat slip away to Pierre Gasly.

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Little did Sainz suspect that Ferrari would tumble down the ranks, currently occupying sixth place in the constructors' championship when his current team, McLaren, are third. It did not take more for the fans to multiply memes and other jokes on this subject, but the main interested party does not mind, on the contrary.

"Frankly, they can laugh as much as they want", Sainz comments to "I actually find it really funny sometimes. People have a lot of free time and they have very funny ideas. It makes me laugh, too. When the jokes are about me or about the pilots, I'm the first to laugh. It doesn't mean it's right or wrong, it's just funny. I guess that's the point, so all the better. "

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Sainz will continue to work closely with McLaren in a context where the chassis are now frozen until the end of 2021, before heading to Italy to prepare for the following season. "It is especially my team (Ferrari, editor's note), more than me, who tries to find me accommodation. As you know, I remain focused on my season this year. But as soon as the season is over and I will think see you next year, I will move to Italy at the appropriate time ", concludes the future pilot of the Scuderia.

Interview by Erwin Jaeggi

Sainz reassured to find the qualities of the McLaren - Sainz makes fun of Ferrari leaving jokes -

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