Sainz knows 'the pressure is insane' at Ferrari and is preparing for it –

Future Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz knows he is going to face much more pressure within Scuderia than he has experienced before.

But according to him, mentally preparing for such a challenge in these conditions will help him build his 2021 season.

"Yeah, but I look at it as preparation," Sainz said. "In the future, if I want to fight for a championship, and I do, there's that analysis on you and those looks. But I'm sure once in a fight for a championship, the pressure is insane. . "

"You have to be ready for those kinds of scenarios and I want to be in one of them. It's something I have in mind, but it's also something I'm ready to go through. because that's what any driver who wants to be world champion has to experience at some point. "

He also recalls that he is already under pressure with McLaren, and knew it before, but feels ready to handle it: “Since I joined McLaren, I've had more pressure, and a little more attention since I signed as a driver for Ferrari. When you sign for a team like McLaren or Renault, you have that attention. British media and French media, and that's one thing that affected me. "

“In my sixth year in F1 I now know how to handle these things. The first year is the hardest, everything surprises you, but six years later you know how to react to a bad qualifying, a bad first lap, a bad race. You keep your head down and you think about yourself, not to be too distracted. "

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