Sainz doesn't feel threatened by Ferrari outbreak of Schumacher –

Carlos Sainz signed with Ferrari for the 2021 season as early as last May, the Scuderia preferring to associate Charles Leclerc to the Spaniard rather than renewing its current partnership with Sebastian vettel. However, in promotion formulas, there are many foals of the prancing horse to come close to Formula 1; this is particularly the case of Mick schumacher, leader of the Formula 2 championship for his second season in the discipline.

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With ten podiums already including two victories in 2020, Schumacher is 22 points ahead of another member of the Ferrari Driver Academy, Callum ilott, and both were scheduled to make their Free Practice 1 debut this Friday at the Nürburgring, with Alfa Romeo and Haas respectively, before the session was called off due to inclement weather.

Schumacher seems closer than ever to a tenure in 2021, perhaps through the structure of Hinwil, which could help propel her to the Scuderia afterwards – a Scuderia where Charles Leclerc already seems indestructible. Sainz, however, intends to prove himself to make sure he is not in danger.

"Mick has proven to have talent", comments the Spaniard. "You have to see his races and his results. And all drivers are not equal. Some come and win whatever category they are in, they are very fast fast, but others like Mick take longer to get the most out of the car, and when they get there, they're as good or better than whoever won on day one. " Whether in F4, F3 or F2, Schumacher has always needed two seasons in the discipline to play for the title, each time concluding his first campaign in the middle of the table.

“What I've been able to see from Mick over the last few years is that he's a hardworking boy who's relaxed, and when he gets used to the car he starts to go really fast. some drivers more than others, but Mick shows that he deserves an opportunity in F1, he has to finish his work in F2 and perform well in the EL1 sessions he will do. There is still a long way to go for us. were back together in the Ferrari orbit, I don't care about that yet, who knows. And if I start winning races and championships, they're not going to separate from me. "

Sainz doesn39t feel threatened by Ferrari outbreak of Schumacher - Sainz doesn't feel threatened by Ferrari outbreak of Schumacher -

Mick Schumacher, son of the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael schumacher, and Carlos Sainz, son of the eponymous two-time World Rally Champion, have in common the fact that they had to deal with fame from a very young age. It is for this reason that Schumacher raced under the name Mick Betsch – using his mother's maiden name – throughout his karting career, from 2008 to 2014.

"It's very difficult, actually", Sainz emphasizes. "When you're little, at eleven or twelve, as soon as you go to the circuits with your father and the others know that you are the son of a celebrity, it always puts a little more pressure, you are always more watched by other fathers. We are watched more by the clock, the other kids want to beat you more than anyone, because they know their father is watching. We have a little more pressure, it's a situation a little more delicate. There is jealousy, sometimes envy, and it can be a little difficult to deal with, I'm not going to lie. "

“But that also has its advantages. Having a World Champion by my side has been a huge advantage in my career. I probably wouldn't be here without his guidance and what he was able to teach me. something that I really don't regret, and that extra pressure early in my career, those tough years – dealing with that really made me stronger, and that's appreciated. "

Interview by Jose Carlos de Celis and Erwin Jaeggi

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