At Ferrari, Carlos Sainz will surely take on a new stature – the popularity of any driver is bound to reach a new level when said driver dons a red tunic.

But no question, for Carlos Sainz, of disturbing his balance found at McLaren; no question of changing your lifestyle, even if it will inevitably be necessary to move; In short, there is no question of taking the big head, as the new Ferrari driver reminded him.

“I like to be myself. I don’t intend to explore one side or the other of my image. “

“I’m obviously a very family oriented guy, I keep wanting to go back to Spain and spend time with my dogs, with my family and friends, and I don’t have a lifestyle that’s honestly different from a guy. normal. “

“If I get more famous because I’m a Ferrari driver, that won’t change my approach. I won’t suddenly go into fashion or anything. If there is a good sponsor that matches my values, I will take it and exploit it, but I don’t plan on doing anything else. “

In Spain, Sainz is already seeing a sharp rise in popularity anyway …

“I’ve felt this a bit since the Ferrari announcement, because it was huge in Spain and I expect this media noise to continue to increase and develop. “

“But it’s a good thing. I love that and it’s great to have the fans on your side, to have media attention, I think that only brings positive things. I’ve always loved racing at my national Grand Prix and it always went well, so I can’t wait to be honest. “

By leaving Woking, however, does Carlos Sainz have the impression of losing a second family, of changing his habits?

“I thought I was going to build a long term relationship with McLaren and I really enjoyed the two years spent with this team …”

“This stability is also my goal with Ferrari and that’s why I signed a two-year contract with them. As long as we’re happy together, I want this to be the new trend in my contracts. Not having contracts of only one year like the one I spent with Renault, without knowing what was going to happen. “

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned at McLaren it’s how important it is to be over a year on a team to extract the maximum potential from the car and the people around it. from you. “