Sabotage at Tesla: a new case shrouded in mystery

Sabotage at Tesla a new case shrouded in mystery - Sabotage at Tesla: a new case shrouded in mystery

Through an internal email, Tesla informed its staff that an employee was fired after performing a series of wrongdoing.

The case was revealed by Bloomberg, saying the rogue employee destroyed a computer at the site while trying to erase traces of his misdeed and accusing a colleague in his place.

This episode would have taken place during the month of September and would have been resolved after an internal investigation, without police intervention. Recognizing his responsibility, the culprit had to leave the establishment for good.

It is not known the exact severity of the damage, nor what the sabotaged computer was controlling. Tesla just said the situation returned to normal within hours of the incident.

The email issued from Tesla's Legal Department by Alan Prescott sounds like a warning against anyone internally venturing into similar acts in the future. " We would take strong action to defend the company and our employees “, He warned.

In June 2018, Elon Musk himself denounced the theft of a significant amount of very sensitive data, considering maneuvers " organizations that want Tesla to die ".

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