Ruin your productivity with this retro racing game from Honda – TopGear magazine France

Rummage around in the youngtimers on LeBonCoin, configure the Aston Martin Vantage Roadster of your dreams, plan your winter sports vacation, there are so many ways to procrastinate at the office… Here's a new one thanks to Honda or rather Acura, its American-luxury subsidiary.

This is a free racing game, playable directly on your Internet browser. It’s funny, it’s addictive, and it’s incredibly effective for not working. Tested and approved.

Called "Beat that" (as part of an eponymous ad campaign across the Atlantic), it has six levels. Each puts you behind the wheel of a different Acura model in a different environment. The goal is simple: travel the route as quickly as possible (world ranking) to go to the next level. Your mounts will range from the Integra R to the IMSA ARX-05 proto, including the two generations of NSX …

In short, if you feel idle, click here to play. And do not come back to complain that you have fallen into a time gap, we will have warned you…

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