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Twitter Capture / @StevelanCG

Video shared on Twitter by one of the journalists on the spot.

POLITICS – There is the silence of meditation, but also the cries of anger on Tuesday, November 5 rue d'Aubagne in Marseille, a year after the tragedy that took 8 lives. On the spot, the situation has at times been tense, as shown by these videos posted on Twitter by several journalists.

The images show in particular Samia Ghali, senator PS of Bouches-du-Rhone, taken part by several participants telling her to leave the commemorations. Encircled, the senator was also briefly jostled. "Break up, with your bag Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana brand) ed), "He said to a protester, while others booed or chanted" disengage ".

Also present on Tuesday, Patrick Mennucci, former mayor of the 1st sector of Marseille (covering part of the popular district of Noailles) was also the subject of boos and hymns hostile.

Joined by The HuffPost, the entourage of the senator was bound to relativize the incident, committed by "10 anarchists belonging to the black bloc". "She has been politically challenged, since she is not responsible for the state of the city, let alone in this area. They launched songs and tried to surround it, it created a phenomenon of crowd, but it held up, it remained on the spot, in the company of the president of the collective 'Marseilles in anger', on the initiative of the rally, "said his team, stating that Samia Ghali did not give in:" she is still there with the association and the families of victims ".

Near ProvenceKaouther Ben Mohamed, founder of the association "Marseille angry", denounced acts "inadmissible, inappropriate and disrespectful victims." On Twitter, Samia Ghali lamented a "political coup d'amalgame odious".

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