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Our editorial team now offers you to prepare a typical Romanian dish, specific to the region of Oltenia, in southern Romania. This is a sort of pork meat stew with pickled pickles, a mixture of flavors and tastes quite unexpected;

To prepare it you need half a kilo of pork cut into cubes of about 2 or 3 centimeters per side, but you can also use beef or lamb. As for the other main ingredient, no exceptions are allowed: you need about 500 grams of pickles in brine, not in vinegar. These preserves, the Romanians prepare them in autumn but also in summer, in particular because of the simplicity of the recipe. Fill a medium jar of about 3 pounds with pickles and sprigs of dried dill, then pour in a brine made of boiling water and salt. The proportion is one spoon of salt per liter of water. Cover the jar with a cloth and leave it in a sunny place. If you want the pickles to last longer you have to keep them cool in a cellar for example.

After about five days, the pickles are ready to eat as is or in a stew. You also need two onions, 200 ml of tomato juice, a bunch of dill, a spoon of thyme, two bay leaves and a little flour. Cut the onions into julienne and brown them in a saucepan with a little oil. Also add the pieces of meat and brown them on all sides. Then add the flour and cover everything with boiling water. Simmer for about twenty minutes.

Cut the pickles into slices and rinse them with cold water before putting them in the pan. This operation is extremely important because it is used to regulate the amount of salt that is put in it. Moreover, because of the presence of pickles in brine, salt should no longer be used. Then pour in the tomato juice and add the dried herbs and condiments. Simmer for another half an hour then sprinkle with finely chopped dill.

You can play with the aromas and add more paprika for example to obtain a salty, sour and spicy taste, or even better, you can desalt the pickles to obtain a rather sweet and sour dish. In any case, the pickle stew in brine goes wonderfully with a beautiful Romanian polenta and a red and fresh country wine. Enjoy your meal !

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